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Full Height Shutter

Full height shutters cover the entire window providing both privacy and elegance.

The louvers can be operated all in one or split which enables you to control the light and also privacy within the window 


Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier shutters the entire window and have independent opening top and bottom panels. This means you have more options with light control and privacy 


Square Bay

With all our shutters you can decide how many panels you would like per window. in this photo we have kept to the 4 panels on the front and single panels on the side to keep in line with the window panels


Cafe Style Shutter

Cafe style shutters are usually half the height of full height shutters with the panels covering the bottom half go the window only.


Curved Bay

Shutters are a great option for all types of bay windows. The shutters follow the design of the bay allowing you to keep the line of the bay which means you can create a sense of space and maximise natural light. 


Splayed Bay

Here is an example of smaller panels which means when they are folded back they do not come into the room very much

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